An elegant woman can be beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. However, if this elegant woman doesn’t have these 10 things that truly give away her class, then she cannot call herself elegant. Let’s find out what those 10 things are.

My dear elegant ladies welcome back to a new article. If you’re new here, subscribe to this channel because every Sunday, I publish articles on elegance, leveling up, and living your best life. Let’s jump straight into number one. Elegant women are not desperate. Not only are we not desperate for men, but we also do not run after men. That is the golden rule if you are an elegant woman. But we’re also not desperate for people in general, meaning acquaintances, friendships, et cetera. Meaning that we do some boundaries and we work a lot with boundaries. We understand our value. We, therefore, don’t settle for less and we know how we should be treated. We demand respect because after all, we respect others so at least, people can respect us in return. Point number two, I just spoke about respect, but we also show others respect. That’s why we work so much with manners and etiquette.

Sometimes people think that, okay, well, these ladies, they just think that they have to learn all these etiquette rules because they think that that’s what the affluent do so they have to do the same. But in reality, it’s not so much about that. Certainly, you want to be able to navigate confidently in the upper levels of society.

And sometimes, certain communities and groups of people will have a stricter kind of code of conduct, and they will perhaps apply stricter forms of etiquette. But actually, the true reason why manners and etiquettes matter so much is that they show class. It doesn’t show your wealth at all, because the class does not equal levels of wealth. Not all wealthy people have class, unfortunately. So that has nothing to do with the economic status of a person. Class is something that has to do with respect. Again, how you treat others, how you treat yourself, how compassionate you are, how humble you are, et cetera. Number three, elegant women do not do any drama.

And again, this shows a person’s class as I just spoke about because women who are constantly in battles, in fights, having issues with people, women who seem to be fighting with someone pretty much every single day. Now that does not signal class, that just signals that you’re a drama queen and that you’re perhaps insecure and that you have all kinds of issues going on with yourself. But elegant women, they don’t do drama.

Okay? Yeah. I understand, life happens. There might be an occasional feud here and there. Not everything is picture perfect. And this doesn’t mean that you can never have any arguments or that you can never feel upset, or anything like that. But elegant women, pick their battles, stay away from reoccurring drama and dramatic people as well. Number four, elegant women are not jealous. So one thing that I really want you to know ladies is that when you upgrade in your life on this level of journey, if you are in the beginning stage, you’re going to notice that, oh, nobody seems to be really jealous of me. But the more you level up, the better your life becomes, the more jealousy is going to occur in your life. Unfortunately, ladies, this is unavoidable. It’s part of life. It’s part of the game.

And when I say jealousy, I mean particularly female jealousy. Men tend to be a little bit more aggressive when they’re jealous, however, women, like to use psychology and become perhaps mean, passive-aggressive, maybe start bullying or use all kinds of different tactics, whenever they feel that uncomfortable feeling of jealousy. They have to release that energy and that’s when jealousy shows in the person. Ladies, first I want you to know one thing is that there are two types of jealousy. There is this one, very innocent, positive envy I call it. Let’s say, someone bought a new car and you don’t have a car. I don’t know. Your car is maybe really awful, uncomfortable to drive, and really ugly on top of it. And then your best friend comes in with this really beautiful, Ferrari or something. And because you have this positive envy, you would be looking at her and feel motivated to also work harder, to also do better in your life so that you can afford to get a Ferrari, just like she has. And then you have the maliciously jealous one, the one who would look at her friend with that Ferrari and be maybe talking behind this friend’s back saying that, she just slept with a bunch of guys in order to get that car. Or I don’t know, start inventing things that it’s rented. It’s not even hers. Or who knows, maybe start saying that that color is hideous, and who would on earth get a cart in such color, how tacky? But the thing is that elegant women are truly happy for one and another. They don’t feel ever really jealous. If they feel some form of uncomfortable feelings that they start actually questioning themselves. Why am I feeling like this? This has to do with me. This has nothing to do with that person. She has worked so hard to get that Ferrari. I should be happy for her, but I cannot. Why can’t I be happy? And then basically you start inquiring within yourselves. Elegant women, feel inspired by others’ success because they know that then it’s even more possible and that maybe one day is going to then happen for them as well. Especially when you know that those people that you surround yourselves with, you become like them. So it is therefore so good to have people who do well in your life because their success is going to transmit it to you. And did you know actually that there are different types of elegant women? So there isn’t just a size fits all approach and that even an elegance. Ladies, I have created a free quiz where you can actually go and test which elegant type of lady you are. Simply go to elegantquiz.com and take this brand new quiz. You can do it on the desktop. You can do it with Facebook. The choice is up to you and it’s absolutely free. I don’t want you to miss out. So go to elegantquiz.com and take this quiz and find out what type of elegant lady you are. Number five, elegant ladies, enjoy the finer things in life, but they’re never obsessed and they never really let that control their life. So one of the stereotypes that I think a lot of us, women who do enjoy the finer things in life, or perhaps have chosen to live a more elegant refined life, maybe enjoy nice luxuries in our everyday life of so on. And oftentimes, I feel like we do get quite misunderstood because a lot of the time people like to point fingers and say that, oh, you’re just materialistic or you’re so obsessed about the material things, et cetera.

And I feel like that is so far from the truth. It can be, especially when I have really met a lot of elegant women and also women in my community. And you can actually see that elegance and the finer things in life for us have nothing to do with being obsessed with materialistic things. We don’t let it rule our life. We don’t ever let it define our identity and we never ever let it define our own personal value.

But what really gives us value is the value that comes from inside, the confidence that we have worked on so long, and the self-esteem, the leveling of the journey is really a self-empowerment journey. And that’s what I teach in my online finishing school in my signature program called, Secrets Of The Elite Woman. If you want to join this program, go to www.eliteupgrade.com and put yourself on the waitlist because soon, we’ll be opening up for new students. Number six, elegant women communicate clearly. Okay. So I think you all know that when we are upgrading ourselves, when we are leveling up, when we are refining ourselves, the type of work that we do in my online finishing school, we do work a lot with our communication, meaning that we stop swearing, we stop using slang. We refine our vocabulary. We understand what topics are appropriate to talk about and so on. But did you actually know that there’s so much more to communication than just that? Elegant women communicate clearly because do you know what happens when you don’t communicate clearly with people? Drama, fights, issues, problems, et cetera. And we really need to take ownership of ourselves because none of us are picture-perfect. We all come with our own issues and so on.

And unfortunately, many people just end up neglecting their issues. They think that they’re fine just the way they are, or they don’t want to really take that ownership because sometimes taking ownership is a painful process. But elegant women, they work on themselves. They understand that okay. I have some bad habits that I want to improve. I want to improve primarily for myself, but also for the people that I love around me. And what happens when you start communicating clearly is that you end up making yourself heard, making others feel heard in a non-judgmental way, listening to other people with compassion, not jumping to conclusions, really try to keep your mind open. All of these traits are very elegant and something that an elegant woman must master. Number seven, elegant women, they celebrate their personality. So another stereotype that I feel a lot of us get is that when we are on this elegant journey, people start thinking that we are trying to become someone we’re not. This journey is about primarily removing all of those things that are holding us back, holding our potential back, those bad habits, those things that I just spoke to you about. So it’s about working on yourself to become a better version of yourself and us, we have chosen to add more of an elegant touch to ourselves because elegance is ultimately just like a sub-culture. It’s like a personal style. And I think that’s what’s really important to take into account. So for this reason, ladies, you might be a different type of elegant lady, and you can actually find that out by going to. elegantquiz.com take that what type of elegant lady you are quiz. And ladies, don’t forget, it’s free to just hop on over there after this article and do the little quiz. Number eight. Now, this really goes hand in hand with the previous point, because if we are able to celebrate our own uniqueness, then we definitely should be celebrating other people’s uniqueness and differences. So number eight is, therefore, elegant ladies never look down on people who are different. First and foremost, there is nothing that signals more class and elegance than being open-minded and non-judgmental. Just because you have chosen to be more of an elegant woman, you have to remember that you are just embarking on a sub-culture. This doesn’t mean that people who are not elegant, that they are bad or that they are to look down on some level.

I don’t like when women use elegance to feel superior to others. I think it’s not elegant behavior whatsoever. It signals a low class and it’s just something that I don’t support. I think it’s important that we do have people who are different from us in our own network, in our social circle, et cetera. And also I want to talk a little bit about the fact that on my platform, we reference a lot to plain janes and average joes. Plain janes and average joes are really just a metaphor to symbolize where we come from ourselves. So I have been a plain Jane myself and I have lived with a very average Joe life. But I have worked very hard on upgrading myself and upgrading my lifestyle to kind of move away from that because that was not right for me. However, there are many people out there who, you know, might be living average Joe lives. And you know what, just because it’s not right for me, it doesn’t mean it’s not right for them. Doesn’t mean that they’re doing something bad or that we should be looking down on them now, not at all. It just means that it’s not where we want to be. And that’s what this expression, plain Jane and average Joe really symbolize. It’s only a metaphor here on this channel. I think we really need to understand that for some people, living a very simple, modest life, that’s what makes them really happy. In the same way, they have to also understand that for some other people, they want to have more extravagance. They want to have more elegance, more flare of some sorts and that’s okay too. And not one or the other is bad or wrong and never should we try and impose our views onto someone else. And for me, that’s the ultimate elegance when you can really accept everyone in their shape, sizes of forms and never impose your own beliefs onto someone else. Number nine, elegant women, they give back to society somehow.

And what that means it can be anything. It can be giving money once per month, as an example to a charity. It can be helping out in your community, somehow, maybe volunteering. It could be other ways you help out in whatever format that might be. It can be that you’re into philanthropy. It can be that you are active in certain organizations.

There are so many ways we can give back to society, but an elegant woman or an elegant person in general really has to give back, no matter on what level of finances you are, no matter where you are in life. And I also want to really emphasize that when we give back, it’s really, shouldn’t be done in a show-off wherein the, oh, look at me, I’m giving back. I mean to philanthropy, look how good I am. A little gold star to me. No ladies, we give back discreetly. Some charitable work of course will not be done discreetly. Maybe it is to be involved in some form of charity publicly, or go to some events or travel to some country to help out, et cetera. That’s nothing wrong doing so.

So it’s not about dismissing that. But it’s about that primarily, your charitable work should be done in privacy. Elegance is discretion. Remember that. Now last but not least number 10, true elegant women with class, they work on themselves and I’m talking about their emotional self. We need to take responsibility for our emotional self because our emotional self oftentimes comes in a very damaged format, no matter what upbringing we’ve had.

Maybe you’ve had a fantastic upbringing, but along the journey of becoming an adult, going through being a child, a teenager, adulthood, everything, we start damaging ourselves somehow. And these damages reflect in our emotional selves, meaning that we are not always, maybe the kindest person that we could be or the most patient person, or the person who acts with the best mindset. Because we have accumulated things that are holding us back and these types of things, we can work on, we can resolve, there are issues within us that can actually be healed. And all of this happens as you know, I spoke about thanks to therapy or spiritual work or reading self-help books, or just, I don’t know, consulting your friends or whatever it can be.

But it’s about seeking out on wanting to heal and understand that you need to take ownership for your own issues because only then will we be able to live in a better place when marriages will be happier, children will be happier, relationships with parents, with friends at work. It all goes full circle and becomes easier to navigate, easier to be in if we take ownership of our own issues. If you haven’t watched my next articles, signs that tell you are not upper-class,

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