9 Passive Income Ideas – Easy Ways to Make Money Online


What’s up everybody in today’s I am gonna cover with you ways you can make a passive income.

my name is Saloua I am a full-time digital nomad and a full-time digital entrepreneur and I have  

been a full-time traveler aka digital nomad since 2019, so 3 years now with over 28 countries and 3  

continents, and today I’m super excited to share with you some of the passive incomes that I use  

and some that I’m going to be using. I’ve done a lot of research on them so they are legit however  I want to make sure I share this with you I don’t believe there is such a thing as passive income  

what does exist though is that you put in the work and then it can work on automated for you but  

everything that I’m gonna share with you requires some sort of involvement you gotta put the work in  

but eventually it will pay off in the long term. My first one and my favorite one is YouTube so  

you’re gonna say well of course everybody talks about youtube is it too late to get on youtube  

actually it’s never too late because youtube is a huge platform the second biggest search engine  

in the world and it’s owned by the first search engine in the world which is google so there’s  

tons of opportunities for you there so make sure you join the YouTube community I myself just got  

monetized about a month ago, and I got to tell you I did not take it seriously for a long time i  

think i started my channel in 2013 I had my first was a disaster i wasn’t doing any research  

whatsoever nothing I just was putting things that i thought people liked so my channel never picked  

up and after a year of doing that i got exhausted and I got annoyed so i stopped for four years and  

then i got back on it i got a little better and now i’m actually taking it seriously and i’m  

really focused on creating content that add values if you are wanting to start a youtube channel my  

recommendation with you is to be very consistent so at least one to two a week it’s gonna  

take a while before you start making money on youtube but it’s well worth it in the long run  

it can make you money for years to come so please don’t discard youtube is a great great investment  

so in order to start being monetized on YouTube you will need to have 1 000 subscribers and  

4 000 hour watch which was the hardest for me to get because YouTube is interested in  

engagement and people watching your content and don’t forget to submit quality valuable content  

on a consistent basis so that’s what’s the most important with youtube so there are so many ways  

to make money on YouTube. the first one is when i say you get monetized i’m talking about adsense  

so at that point once you hit the 1000 subscribers and the 4 000 hour watch youtube is gonna send you  

an email saying congratulation you can apply to be part of the youtube program you need to make  

sure you set up everything correctly on your back end which is set up your ad sets account  

make sure you put all your on monetization and then you can start generating revenue from  

the ads are actually showing up onto your channel so that’s the one way to make money with youtube  

the second one is brand deals once you start having a bigger audience you can reach out to  

brands to partner with you and they will ask you to create content for them on your YouTube

and then they’ll pay you, and the beauty with that is that you get paid from the client but you are  

also getting paid from your views and AdSense so it’s a win-win. So the next one which you can also  

connect to youtube is selling your own merch just by sharing it with your audience but you also have  

the option to sell your own merch on your youtube channel there are a lot of companies like printful  

and merch by amazon who actually do everything for you so it doesn’t cost you anything to get started  

all you need is your design and then you create your templates onto your online store and this  

company will actually print ship take care of their returns everything you don’t have to  

pay anything the only thing you’re doing is then you get a cut on what has been sold so it’s very  

important to keep using your youtube channel as a funnel to then send people to your merch  

or your online store along with that is online courses I know you know something that i don’t and  

i know you can teach something that you’re really skillful at so put this into work and then share  

your knowledge and sell it if you are just getting started with having an audience online there are a  

lot of platforms out there who are willing to sell your course for you and they will do all  

the marketing however the disadvantage with that is that they can be in charge of the cost of the  

course so that means they can sell it for whatever they want and also you cannot get access to their  

clients because even though they are taking your course it’s still not your audience this is  

the platform’s audience platform like skill shares and udemy would be great platform for you to get  

started but if you do have an audience i highly jrecommend then that you put your course into a  

different platform like Thinkific or Teachable and then you can charge whatever you want  

you have a lot more freedom to do with your course and by the way you can do both you can grow your  

audience and have your courses on Udemy and then you can upgrade and then have a different course  

on a platform like thinkific or teachable my next one for you is affiliate marketing so  

that’s something that i also use i have my amazon store and i share the link of my amazon store and  

all of the item on my amazon stores are items that i value and use and all i do is share these items  

with my audience I’m sharing the link with them and they can go ahead and make the purchase and  

that doesn’t cost them anything more and i get a cut whenever you’re using affiliate links you  

always have to mention it into your description because you want to let people know that hey  

i’m actually using affiliate links here i have this on all my descriptions very important  

do not forget to do this along with affiliate links you don’t have just amazon there’s a lot  

of companies who are offering a percentage if you are sharing the product with your audience  

convertkit is one creative market is another one trusted house sitters is another one  

now you can go all in with affiliate marketing there’s tons of online platforms where you can  

pick the products and then promote them and every time somebody’s making a purchase you are going to  

be making money and that’s also recurring so every time they get paid you get paid so that’s a really  

great way to grow your business online and a great way to make passive income my next one is books  

so I spent the last three years creating a book i self-publish it this is my book it’s my baby  

so i spent the last three years writing editing publishing this book the stories of immigrant  

women entrepreneurs of course there’s a lot of work to do with the book but once it’s done  

it’s then sold without you doing anything the only thing you might want to do is some marketing here  

and there every couple months or so I run an ad on Amazon and I might be doing a contest on Instagram  

and offer a free book , but essentially now people just go ahead and buy it directly online. For this  

book I use this company called Blurb, I love the way they made this book so i decided to  

go with them so the book now is available on all these platforms and it’s a passive income  

that’s going to make me money for the rest of my life and the more books you create the better  

and so what i recommend you do is you create a book and a workbook every time so my next book  

is going to be about digital nomad and I’m going to do also a workbook for digital nomad you can do  

workbook you can do planners there are so many things you can do and you design them  

and companies like Amazon and blurb will take care of the printing and everything else and you don’t  

have to do anything so that’s a fascinating way to make a passive income long-term,  

books. My next tip for you is digital downloads so yeah a lot of people don’t think about that  

but you can make digital download that you can sell for example if you’re an attorney you should  

be able to sell contract templates if you’re in business and marketing your sales templates  

your social media contents creation templates there’s so many things you can create then  

download it on a platform like convertkit downloadable or on your online platform on your  

website sim card is another one and then you just simply send the link and then people can buy it  

that way for example i just created the ultimate guide to house sitting and then i put it for sales  

for 20 and i sell these every month because i put this link on all my descriptions so that’s  

an awesome way to start making money online next one is selling your content so what I mean by that  

is anything pictures and so if you’re like me and your content creator like i have tons of  

beautiful and images around the world of my travels and they sit there on my camera so you  

have platforms like getty when you can actually download your work and people buy it so that’s  

long-term passive income and it’s constantly being bought by people because people like me  

who are creating content we need layover and images for our for our social media  

so a super great way to make money is also to put your photos and on platforms and let people  

buy them and my last passive income for you is actually investing so i’m not gonna diving  

in too deep in here because i don’t know much about it but i know the three biggest ones would  

be the stock market cryptocurrency and real estate and again this is more of a long term  

uh but this is a great way obviously to make some sort of passive income and have enough money for  

your retirement for example. So that’s it for today these were my passive income ideas the  

money you will be making with these passive ncome ideas will be directly correlated with  

the amount of work you’re putting so what I mean by that is if you do one downloadable course here  

one book there yeah you might make some money here and there but really the more you focus on it  

the more money you will make for example my focus right now is YouTube I use this as my main funnel  

to then lead people to my different offers so I 
hope this was valuable for you just remember  anybody can get started just put in the work get 
it done and you will be grateful your future self  

will thank you so once again thank you so much for watching this if you  

do have any questions or comments please let me know in the comment section below and don’t  

forget to subscribe follow me on Instagram at SalouaIbaline and I’ll see you next time, bye-bye

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