Do Rich Men Cheat More Than Broke Men?

A very common cliche that I know a lot of you are probably thinking and I have also been thinking this quite a lot in the past, do all rich men cheat?I think this is an important topic to reflect on ladies, because, sadly enough, society is still ruled by men, whether we have achieved more feminism or not.But cheating is as relevant as it always been and it’s not calming down anytime soon and there are even more opportunities for cheating today than it’s ever been.

So this topic is relevant and let’s see whether rich men do this more than the Average Joe. (upbeat music)For those of you who are new to my site, big welcome and don’t forget to subscribe before you leave me.I am Anna and I runan online finishing school called School of Affluence.I teach women high social skills, how to become a refined lady, and how to achieve success in elite society.So if you want to have that transformation, I would say that I think there is a slightly higher ratio of cheating the affluent society.But I don’t think it’s actually that much bigger than when it comes to other people and other social classes,

and with men who have fewer means.So why would rich men cheat more than the average Joe?Well, first of all, money opens up a lot of doors and you know that and maybe that’s why you’re part of this transformation because you want to have access to certain things.And money does give you access, which is why affluent men, a little bit more prone to cheat, because their financial status and financial means open up more doors for cheating.Simply put, it’s easier to cheatwhen you have a lot of money.Money buys men power,

it buys them status,it buys them recognition, it buys them social power,it buys them a reputation.And all of these things, make them a hotter target for women to come after them.Number one, don’t think thatit’s only men actively searching for women.No, of course not.Women can be quite some aggressive chasers too but quite frankly, men do also seek out opportunities because they know they have the options.Money buys them options basically and when there is a higher demand for options, meaning that they have a lot of women who are there interested,

then these options become higher quality options and the men find these options to be more interesting.So they become more prone to adultery.You also have to take into account thatyou have different types of affluent men like I always say.But you have also a category of affluent men who have been so busy building their career and studying and making a name for themselves in society that actually they did not have the time, they wanted to explore the dating scene to have their share of fun.And so they decided to have that a bit later in life when they have achieved success when they have perhaps settled down with somebody,

started a family and these things.So this is a very common trend that I see, unfortunately, and this is also oftentimes why a lot of marriages in high society do fail.Men settle early, men perhaps, also settle with somebody because they know they should, or they should think is good for their CV, or it’s good for their position in society or positioning career or whatever it can be.But some affluent men do cheats because of the power play, because they are somehow insecure, or they have their issues.So they end up cheating so that they can feel likethe king of the castle, I don’t know.Some cheats because of self-validation like I said, they’re insecure, they need to be recognized, they need to be appreciated,

maybe they don’t get enough of that back home, so they search for it elsewhere.Or maybe, the rich man is just the self-destructive type, who doesn’t know how to channel his testosterone energy correctly.So he ends up taking on a more destructive path with maybe a sex addiction or other unhealthy way where he simply just kind of needs to go to strip clubs, parties, take drugs to drink a lot, that can also lead to cheating.So there are different elements to why men cheat, but also oftentimes, I’ve noticed that men cheat because there’s something wrong with them, I’m serious.Whenever I’ve met men who do not cheat, and I can write that on a piece of paper to you and really say that this is a good man who has definitely not cheating.

It’s usually because the man has himself together, he’s mentally there, he deals with his issues in a very healthy way, maybe he goes to counseling, maybe he has a very good ground to stand on, maybe has a great support system.Don’t forget that there’s a lot of issues that men face that we as women don’t face like men are not expected to kind of channel their emotions the same way women are allowed to society. So that also complicates things and createsthis emotional buildup that can lead to negative thingsthat men end up doing.Not trying to defend cheating here at all, I think is horrible and I think that it ruined so many families and ruined so many marriages, and great relationships.

But you also have to beon the lookout who is prone to cheating.You can sometimes tell, you can tell if a man does not have himself together mentally and emotionally, you can tell.But figuring that part out and going for a man who seems to be grounded, who knows how to deal with things in a healthy way, I think men like that end up having a very low ratio of cheating, regardless of their level of affluence.They might be an average Joe or there might be a rich man who knows, the whole point of the story is that yes, affluent men, they do have a high ratio of cheating.But that’s also because the pressure that they haveon their shoulders is a little bit higher thanthe average Joe’s.

So there are many reasons and it’s not just one reason why somebody cheats but this doesn’t mean all affluent men cheat, not at all.There is a big percentage who don’t and you can build a happy life with them, you can have a very nice beautiful life.Don’t let the stereotype make you feel put off by going after an affluent man because you think that all men behave like this.Absolutely not ladies, you can have it allas long as you know how to look for it.Now Thank you for watching my article, don’t forget to download your free cheat sheet where to meet affluent men.I have gathered over 210 places whereyou can meet affluent men and not waste your energyor time in the wrong places.

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