6 Elegant Fall Jackets Every Woman Should Own!

you want to go over the ones that we have available for us so that you can know what to choose from, in case you just want to have something different than the styles that I spoke about in article one and article two.
Now what’s good about those styles in article one article two is that they are the classic styles and I really think that you should go for them first. So if you are on a tight budget and you have to prioritize, stick to article one and article two.

Now if you have a little bit more money to spend, then start exploring other avenues and other types of codes.Because honestly ladies, we do need many different coats in the winter if we want to survive fall andwe want to survive winter.

which in some countries, it can be up to six months of cold and cold type of weather.And believe me, because I come from there, I’m originally from Sweden and it’s tough.It’s tough to live in such climate and majority of the year, you don’t feel attractive as a woman because you wearing this one kind of semi-cute coat that might not necessarily do your favor.So I pretty much learned from my experience in Sweden is that actually, what makes me happy in winter is when I have options.

When I don’t have to worry.
The same old thing every day when I can actually wear different coats, still be warm and still look good. So I do recommend once you have money to spend to definitely invest in a really nice trench coat. What about the kind of Cape style coat?Okay. To be honest, I don’t really know the exact name of this coat. So if there are any police patrolling in my comment section, please do let me know what this coat is called. This Cape style coast,

I have seen it a lot on elegant, affluent, high caliber women, women that I call jet-set babes. I actually have a blog called www.Jetsetbabe.comif you want to check that one out. So these women, they are affluent and they love looking luxurious and glamorous. And actually, the cape is a really good variation to the coat because it’s kind of similar.

I would personally get it in a lighter color, instead of going dark. I think maybe gray or earthy tones or maybe beige.
They can be quite warming depending on which one you buy. But usually, they are made for fall. They’re not really too much to walk around in snow type of weather, so be prepared for that.

My personal favorite is the Tweed. I love tweed and I talk about tweed a lot and all my article for many, many years and I will probably never stop talking about tweed.Because sweet is actually a fabric that can be quite warming.

Not necessarily for winter but for fall, it definitely works and you can find some really nice Tweed jackets. I mean, after all, Chanel is famous for tweed, but you can also get it from any brands, not necessarily a designer brand and it can be just as chic.

What is good about tweed is that you can definitely wear a tweed coat and there are tweed coasts that can actually be quite thick. But again, it depends. So you really have to be there scouting and perhaps this is something you have to buy in person rather than buying online.

I find that tweeds can be a little bit of a hidden mess if you buy from a mid-range brand online because you don’t always, you cannot always feel the thickness of the tweed and whether it’s going to actually look luxurious or not.

Because some tweed is of very thin fabric andthen they just look like rugs. We don’t like that. We like thicker tweed because that’s when it looks luxurious. Ladies, if you haven’t downloaded my free cheat sheet, How To Look Expensive, I share with you the key elements, my secret tips, and tricks on how you can elevate your look from plain Jane to affluent woman, with simple and doable steps, regardless of your budget,

visitwww.CLASSYCHEATSHEET.comand download your free cheat sheet after this article. Now let’s talk about Fur and the fur are very sensitive topics I’m not going to go into the politics too much of it.
But I do want you to know that I know that I’m not a hundred percent animal-friendly myself because I wear leather as an example. But I do try my best when it comes to living as animal cruelty-free as possible.

For instance, with beauty products, makeup, educating people on my article and so on. But something that I really draw on the line for and that is fur,I think wearing a whole fur is horrible.

I do not see any beauty in that. I think it looks tacky and it’s actually very out of fashion, there have many fashion houses that stopped using fur. So that’s something I am against.

So I’m not advocating at all for using fur. Of course, there are times where some coats may have fur trimmings. I’m not saying that that is okay, but my line is drawn when you are wearing a full fur.
But when it comes to fur coats, I do think that there are many beautiful, actually fake fur coats today. It does require a little bit of research because not necessarily you walk intoTop Shop and Zara and you will find it.

Usually the fast fashion brands, they don’t have a beautiful fake fur but you can find still. There are actually vegan runs that specialize in creating beautiful fake furs. You also have like brands like Stella McCartney who are all vegan. So please do have a look at that.

But of course, a fake fur will never be as warm as a real fur. But the good thing is that we don’t live in ancient times anymore so we can use layering to keep us warm underneath. So that was my little take on the fur.

Something that is also not very animal-friendly, that is wearing like aDown Feather coat. They are very warming. So that is something that I also do wear sometimes, even though I tried to even cut down on these types of jackets.

But definitely any puffer jackets, you can actually find many who do not have down feathers. You have many who have synthetic materials that are equally warm, so try and source that instead of real feathers. I think that these are definitely a must for casual attire, for daytime attire, for when you are going for walks or errands and so on. Usually, puffer jackets are not any form of evening attire.

But I do still think that it’s important to have one in your wardrobe because they are useful and they are convenient. Now lastly, we have a more coat like the Teddy coat. Teddy coat is usually out of 100% synthetic material and it can actually be quite warming.

The only problem with a Teddy coat is that I don’t necessarily find it to be the most elegant because it’s a little bulky like the down feather coat.
It’s convenient.It’s a good casual daytime coat so it can be a good purchase to make if you need to have it for any form of occasion.

Now, ladies, my mini-series has come to an end.I hope you have enjoyed this three-part article. If you haven’t watched part one and part two,

hey, what are you waiting for?Go and watch them right now and make sure you get your free cheat sheet onHow To Look Expensive that you can start looking like a high caliber woman and elevate your life and achieve great success.I will see you in my next article

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