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5 Types Of Rich Men You Shouldn’t Date!

There is a lot of men you should stay away from.
And there is also plenty of low-quality men in high society.
Just because a man is rich doesn’t mean that you have to go for him.

We want high caliber men.
We want a good man.
The quality men, men who are worthy of our time
So make sure you watch this article because I’m going to give you five types of men in high society.
Stay away from these types, ladies.
Save yourself a headache, time and energy.
Quick disclaimer. Please take into account that I’m only generalizing this article.

Not everybody is like this and it doesn’t mean that you should stay away from everybody who falls in under that bracket.
What’s important is that you know that there are exceptions.
So, if you have a good gut feeling of somebody, follow it!
Welcome to my YouTube channel.I’m Anna and I run’s an all-night finishing school for women who want to become more elegant, be successful in high society and also date affluent men.

I’m sure this one will surprise you.
Old money or certain family money typed money is a big group of people.OK.The reason why I wouldn’t recommend searching out for an old-money type, it is because you are not from old money yourself.
If you are. Go for it.
But if you’re not, then it can become complicated.
You see old money types they like to oftentimes marry within their own circle, marry within their own kind.
Parents to old money men will often times be very strict with the woman that the man brings into the house is often hard to marry into an old-money family.

Old money means when somebody has a generation of wealth for about five generations.
If the generation of wealth is younger, it’s usually called family money.
So actually this can apply in both groups you’re just a regular girl it will be difficult to be welcomed by a blue-collar family.
Also, I know that old money is somehow a little bit more prestige somehow in our society.

After all, they were the first ones who acquired wealth.
However, this doesn’t mean that they’re better or actually more beneficial to a woman in any way.
On the contrary, old money is really well known for being stingy and then the often case is even cashed poor.
They might have a lot of wealth but that is oftentimes tied in property or investment

.Not so much money to spend and especially not spending on a woman.
If you think that you will be lavishly taking care of an old-money man, I would sayHonestly, I don’t think so!
You should really go and find somebody else.
Number two.

Party playboys.Just go to Monaco Grand Prix or why not Cannes Film Festival or Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. They’re all there and you should really stay away from them. Now, of course, the party playboys they’re not only in these type of events they are everywhere to be quite fair with you. You can easily spot them in any local nightclub you can easily spot them in the jet-set circuit.I’ve actually made a video on the topic of the jet-set circuit. So if you want to have a look at that one it will be linked in the description box. I guess you won’t be surprised with the message of why party playboys are such a waste of timeBecause they’re not serious. You are not going to be a wife to a party playboy. They don’t really settle. They don’t really get married and if they do get married and if they do get girlfriend cheating rates are very high.I’m talking about a 99 percent cheating rate. I’ve been there, done that, seen it, heard it, everything.Ladies.This one I can reassure you. Leave a comment below if you agree with me. The problem is that these party playboysThey still have plenty of women around them.

Sometimes it makes me wonder is it because women are stupid. Or is it because these party playboys have such a strong game on. And the truth is, they do. They’re very flirtatious. They’re very like you know Casanovasand especially if they’re good looking, young and rich, then it’s like win, wins, wins in a woman’s eyes. She will fall for him. She might know it’s not a great idea but somehow she will be in denial and tell herself that no, but this one is different.No no no no no no! They’re not different! They’re all the same. And they are not worth your time. Save yourself a headache. Do not go and search for your future husband in a nightclub. Do not go and think that you will meet Mr. Right at the Cannes Film Festival.
There are of course exceptions but they are not the rule.
You will be wasting your time. Go to these places.

If you are just there to have fun with your girlfriends, not to look for Mr. Right.
Number three.
Men who are from a different religion.
Oh, that was controversial.
Now hold your horses before you jump to any conclusions.I’m not talking about the religious cannot mix. Of course, they can mix. I used to date men from all kinds of religions.
That was never a problem for me.
However, there are men who are a little bit more religious than others.
There are men who are less open-minded than others.
There are men who are more traditional than others
.Those are the men you should stay away from.

If you are not matching religion wiseProblem with men who want to follow their own religious tradition is that either you have to convert for them or it doesn’t matter if you even would want to convert.
They want to be with their own kind.
There is just like no negotiation about that and usually, that comes from family pressure quite a lot.
Why this has a relation to the affluent societies because traditions tend to be more and more important with the rich.If they come from money.If they have you know strict affluent parents then they will want to be with their own kind and religion then plays a big role.
Luckily, there is a lot of religious people who are not very strict about whether they marry a person from their own faith. Which is great.I personally wish people could mix more but it is how it is making sure if you find someone who is from a different religion then you are, Try to really start investigating early on in the relationship.

How they are in relation to your own religion.
These men might perhaps want to have some temporarily fun with you but going down the road they’re not going to be marrying you.
Look at Charlotte and Sex and the city.
You know her story.
Number four.
Narcissistic men.
Where do I even start with this particular type?
Sadly enough ladies they’re everywhere not only in society but especially in high society.

That’s because narcissistic people have this kind of grandiose view of themselves they oftentimes power-hungry, their emotional disconnected, so they lack empathy meaning that they can really climb mountains but they’re also a very toxic kind and the kind that you must stay away from.
Sadly it’s like said that 70 percent of all narcissist people are actually men.
That is scary.
That means that women will be a higher chance of being a victim to narcissist.1 percent of the population are narcissists.
Now they’re not dangerous or anything but they’re just emotionally damaging to a woman.
And it’s kind of their way or no way.

You will always be suffering from a narcissist he will say one thing he will do another.
He will just do what pleases him because it’s all about him.
It’s not about you.
He might give you some temporary attention which is why a lot of women become addicted to a narcissist.
He does the hot-cold hot-cold type of formula that really triggers people to become extremely infatuated and hooked to a person but being hooked to somebody doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy.
Our relationship with the narcissist is always unhealthy.
That’s why you really have to stay away from them.
Number five.

The last one.Workaholic businessmen or just workaholics in general.
Of course, I had to bring up this kind because a rich man means that he works a lot.
There is actually a very high chance of this rich man that you’re after this kind of archetype.
He won’t have much time for you.
He might be very obsessed with his workWork might be the number one thing in his life no matter how much he’s into you.
Work will always be number one.
Now the question to you is, do you want to be with such a man?
Or do you want to be with a man who actually takes time for you, gives you the love, attention, and cares that you need a partner in the relationship?
A workaholic person is not in balance and they will become a dysfunctional relationship.
This person is always stressed, he’s always on his phone. You will probably have to just sit there and wait for him to be done.
Not a fun experience to be with.

I have a very good example to share with you. I was in the relationship once with someone who I went traveling with quite a lot.
He also happened to own a yacht so we spent quite a lot of time on his yacht in tropical locations, really picture-perfect dream locations and I remember being there with him and thinking to myself that we haven’t really spoken much during this trip. He hasn’t really said much to me. He’s all the time of his phone even though we’re on the vacationI’m in this fantasy world in the way millions of girls would kind of die to be where I am right now.
But I’m not enjoying myself.I’m not having a good time because I’m not getting any form of love or attention or any of my needs met while being here with him.
Well OK.

I get one needs to meet the fact that I’m on this beautiful vacation but for me personally I always need more from a man.
I need the real deal.
I need romance.
I need love.

I need to feel like I’m loved and cared for.
And since then I’ve always sought out men who I know are not too obsessive about their work. They know how to switch off, they do switch off and they actually state present when they are with you. Now I’ve covered all the types that I wanted to share with you. Make sure my next article because I have plenty of articles on dating rich men.

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