Hottest Destinations For Rich People This Summer!

Welcome back to my site multimillionnaire.com , my dear elegant ladies! So in this article today I will be sharing with you, where all the jet setters go this summer.

I will share my top picks and also give you a few insider tips.
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Europe is the hottest place to be in summer.
Now, of course, there are many beautiful places even outside Europe.
But in summer, the jet sets, the affluent crowd.
They tend to all go to Europe.
This doesn’t mean that you cannot go anywhere outside of Europe.
It just means that the creme de la crab will be very concentrated and you will have a very high ratio of them around the Mediterranean.
Now, there’s going to be very European focus this article.
And like I said it’s because everybody is literally in Europe during the month of July and August.

Now I would say summer happens during July and August.
That’s where the best time is to go and really have a high concentration of affluent people.
Now I need to tell you one thing though and let’s start.
Depending on what type of crowd you want to go after.
There will be different places where it’s best for you to go to.
I don’t know, maybe you are young, maybe you are in your early 20s or maybe you are in your mid-40s or 50sor even more or maybe you’re like me in your 30s.

So depending on what age you are, maybe what kind of person you want to meet, you will have to go to different places.I’m going to share with you the kind of more general aspects and at all these places you will always have a mix of people.
But of course, in some places, there will be a higher concentration of people.

So let me start in the first place.
That is the absolute hot spot this summer to visit.
It’s not the only one but for a particular type of person who will be the more young person, the single person, the person my age.
But you can also still get a bit older people that but the majority, you will have a bit of a younger crowd.

Not too young, I would say around 30and that type of crowd.
So that is MykonosMykonos is actually not new.
Mykonos has existed for quite some time and been very popular with the affluent crowd, but it has kind of exploded in recent years.
Ibiza was the hottest place to go not long ago but then Mykonostook over.
So now in summer Mykonos the absolute top top top spot to go.
And if you want me to be even more specific this is where my insider information comes in.

The best time for Mykonos end of July and the few days into August.
That is kind of the crème de la crèmeweek of the whole summer.
Not meaning that the other week won’t be good.
No no no! The whole summer will be really good in Mykonos, even if you go in June.
But of course, that last week of July and the beginning of August there it is truly the best time to go.
I mentioned Ibiza and Ibiza is also a very popular place still to go.
You also get a very little bit younger crowd there but actually, Ibiza, what’s beautiful about Ibiza is that you always have a very very very mixed crowd there.

You have all kinds of different types of people.
You have everything from hippies, to party people, to more sophisticated affluent people.
So it’s a very mixed place to go to. I have lived there so I truly love Ibiza but I don’t go as often as I used to go in the past.
I just want to perhaps explore a little bit different areas and not just go to one place all the time.
So Mykonos and Ibiza are really more for the kind of perhaps not a place if you want to go there and be quiet as a couple.
Even though of course, there are always resorts that cater to that type of needs but you really should take into account what are your needs and what do you want to get out of your holiday
.If you want to go for networking, then Ibiza and Mykonos are perfect places because you’re definitely going to meet people.
Now a little bit more quiet places but yet not quiet.
Not yet as like when I say quiet I don’t mean boring
I mean quiet as in it’snot Ibiza, it’s not Mykonos.
Of course, South of France and when I say South of France, I talk about it mainly Saint-Tropez, Cannes, let’s include Monaco as well even though Monaco is not France.

But we also have Cap Ferrat.
We also have Nice, we have as well.
Now the whole French Riviera stretches of course very popular in summer and it’s a classic place to go.
It’s never going to go out of style or fashion to go there.
It’s been around since the 50sand still trending like there’sno tomorrow.
You do have a bit of a different crowd going there. You have more, of course, a mixed crowd but maybe a little bit older or mid-age rather than the very young crowd that you can find in Mykonos and Ibiza.
You have a very sophisticated crowd that goes there.
In Saint-Tropez, you tend to get a little bit younger crowd comes to parties sometimes.

But I would still say Saint-Tropez is not very very hot for nightlife as much as Mykonos and Ibiza.
You still get good nightlife in Saint-Tropez.
You have opera, you have Bagatelle, so you have a lot of places where they cater to a party.
But I guess, it will be more daytime parties.
It’s not so much about nightclubs and DJs in Saint-Tropez.
It’s more beach clubs, daytime parties and you’re kind of going the evening to a restaurant that perhaps turns into a nightclub likeL’Opera.
But if you’re somebody who is in a relationship and you want to couple up somewhere cozy and romantic and just have a fabulous trip the two of you.
Well, you can also bring friends.

But the point that I’m trying to make that the whole Amalfi Coast, Capri, Positano, that area in Italy, it is very very popular in summer and still incredibly kind of hot spot to visit if you are a jet setter.
It does cater more for the lovey-dovey couples because it’s more of an aromantic family place, couples place.
But you can of course still go there with friends
. It’s not an environment that is catered for party and nightlife.
Even though you can probably find something like that there but it will be very limited and it’s not kind of the purpose of that holiday.
But the only problem is, it’s not very big, it gets crowded and it gets hot.
Italy tends to get very very hot in July, August.
Well, so does actually entire Europe. But from my time in Italy, you know sometimes it’s been 35 Degrees and you are wondering why you decided to go during July for your vacation when it’s so hot and you can barely stay in the shade.

But it depends. It depends from year to year sometimes, of course, the weather is a bit milder than other times.
So I’ve mentioned the Italian part of the French Riviera, I have mentioned the party places like Mykonos and Ibiza.
So all of these four like these 4are the hottest places you want to go this summer. I have another article about where the rich travel and I really think you must check it out after this ARTICLE because it gives you even more perspective where affluent people spend their vacations and where you can go if you want to meet them.

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