Do You Meet Billionaires In Mykonos?

Do you meet billionaires in Mykonos?

I am right now in Mykonos and I am truly enjoying my stay.

Although there are a few inside information that I want to share with you in this article.

My name is Anna and I run an online finishing school teaches women everything they need to know about high society and how to be successful in the elite circles.

If you’re interested in doing the transformation, you can join where you will find out more about my program. Ok ladies, so I did a Livestream on my Instagram.

It was a quick spontaneous thing that unfortunately got cut off and never got saved.

Now, in that live stream, I shared loads of golden nuggets about Mykonos, plenty of inside information that I feel like it’s very good for you if you are aware of these things. So first things first, why am I making a whole video just on Mykonos? Well, I’m clearly here and it’s a beautiful sunset here in Mykonos right now.

The sunset is, by the way, happening every night so there’s plenty of beauty on these islands.

But in recent years, I mean Mykonos has always been a very popular spot to visit for the younger crowd, for the party crowd and also like in the last five years, the affluent crowd started really coming here.

But I would say the peak probably happened in the last 3 years and that’s what I wanted to dedicate this article, to really figure out.

Do you meet billionaires here? Do you have a good crowd coming? Is it worth coming here if you’re single and looking for Mr. Right? So let’s start with the intel. What crowd is here? So this is the thing ladies, I had a few mixed feelings about Mykonos because I had certain expectations, I did my research and I was expecting a particular crowd.

However, when I understood that actually there was a little bit different than I thought it was going to be. Now, my friend who has been coming here summer after summer, she told me because I met her the other day here on the island and she said that this year the crowd is really not the way it was last summer and the summer before.

So 2017 and 2018 or proper the peak of Mykonos in terms of the perfect crowd.

And when we say the perfect crowd, we want to have an affluent crowd,we want to have people who are not too flashy,want to have people who are not too young or too old,we want to have a perfect balance, we want to have nice pleasant people, good-looking people, you know a nice crowd.

Now this year, I would say it became a little bit commercial and most likely it’s going to go a little bit downhill with each year.

At least usually that’s the trend when a place has reached its peak and then it just starts to decline. However, everything can change so don’t take my word for that but I’m just saying how the kind of situation seems right now. So what was negative with the crowd is that number one, there’s a lot of young people. When I say young crowd, I mean the early 20’s.

Nothing wrong with being at the beginning of your 20’s but it’s never a good thing when they’re like dominating, you know? You like when they’re a little bit spread out, that’s absolutely fine.

But when you have groups of them, it becomes a little bit annoying. So that’s not really my type of scene

.Now secondly, you do have a lot of affluent people who come here but the affluent crowd that I feel is here and I’m generalizing right now because you also have nice people too, right? There’s a lot of like flashy people, there’s a lot of new money who come here, you have a lot of people who maybe come and act a bit stuck-up, who are very showy and think that they are it’s basically just because they have a certain level of finances. And you know we all love affluence and everything that that world is about but it’s a bit much when people just want to be self-validated through it when all they care about is validating their own ego and show off and think that they’re better than everybody else just because they have more money. So I don’t like that type of attitude

.Unfortunately, there was quite a lot of it here which I wasn’t expecting.I was expecting a little bit more sophisticated crowd and perhaps a little bit older as well. Mykonos in comparison to Ibiza is definitely, you know in my personal opinion, I would prefer Ibiza. I used to live in Ibiza, I’ve traveled quite a lot to Ibiza. It’s my first time in Mykonos.

But I think definitely, I prefer Ibiza. I just feel that there’s more variety in the crowd, there is more greenery and there are just more things to do and see.

I feel in Mykonos, it’s a little bit limited in terms of you want to have a bit of variety in your schedule, like maybe doing some sightseeing or doing like other things than just going to beach clubs and partying, which Mykonos is basically all about. We are staying in are really nice resort, it’s called Santa Marina and I can really, really recommend it. It’s definitely the place to stay in terms of if you want to look for an affluence sophisticated crowd. The hotel crowd is definitely much better on a better level than kind of the average crowd that I keep seeing in other places because it’s a little bit older and a little bit calmer.

Now what’s also good with this hotel is that because it’s such a big resort, you’re not in everybody’s face all the time.

So if you’re like me, you enjoy your privacy and you don’t want to be laying next to everybody by the beach like what I calla sardine factory.

With that I mean, when it’s just too overcrowded when you’re just sitting like this and it’s like this everywhere in Mykonos.

Please be aware that Mykonos is very much overpriced.

So if you’re here on a budget, it’s going to be tough. I still think that if you are a single woman and you’re looking for an affluent man, this is definitely a good place to go, which leads to the topic of this article.

Do you meet billionaires in Mykonos?

Now, the answer is yes you do. And you do it very much depending on where you go and if you know how to spot them of course. Now, I do have a cheat sheet that I think you should download. It’s called, Where to Meet Affluent Men. It’s a cheat sheet that I have gathered, I think over a hundred or two hundred places that can work for you as a cheat sheet when you don’t have any inspiration of how to strategize your dating.www.MILLIONAIREPLACES.

comand download that.

It’s absolutely free! So in Mykonos and this is the thing ladies, now I’m gonna be very specific with you. Santa Maria, the hotel where I’m staying, a lot of multi-millionaires, billionaires, either who stay at this hotel, whether staying on their boats and they like to go to a Buddha Bar, Beach Club and Buddha Bar Restaurants for either dinner or lunch. But I would actually recommend for lunch.

I promised you because I’m currently here right now and I’ve been seeing this every day. You have tables after tables, where you can clearly see either the Russian oligarchs or the flashy kind of billionaire type who is there surrounded with models or the kind of incognito billionaire that you still know.

So you have them everywhere and a lot of them also have their bodyguards with them who will be standing there by the bar, patiently waiting for them.

So it’s definitely that type of crowd here.

So if you want to know where to meet billionaires, definitely come to Mykonos. And I want to tell you that now when I’m here which is the last week of July, it is the peak week for Mykonos, So I do recommend you come here if you really want to maximize your chances.

Now having said all this, would I come back to Mykonos? I don’t know. I think if you come here as a group or if you come here single, it’s perfect for like a party the only vacation.

But it’s definitely worth coming for a few days or just to have seen it. But please be aware that if you want to come here, if you do want to be like it’s your best game, you want to be somehow leveled up because if you’re not leveled up ladies, you might just be wasting your money.

You have to think about how to invest your money wisely.

You know that’s why I have built a school that educates women on transformation and on the appropriate action steps that are very much needed if you’re gonna have success in high society.

That’s why I created a school for it because I want to make your path easier so that you don’t make loads of mistakes that are just going to waste your time, energy and take you forever to achieve your goals.

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