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6 Things Women Do That Turn RICH MEN OFF!

Six things that you might do, that puts the rich man off – What can it be?First a little disclaimer. Now I’m not here to offend anybody. I’m not saying that if you do any of these mistakes you’re a bad person or you are somebody and that I’m so much better than you…Not at all girls! I have done some of these mistakes that I’m going to mention but I have learned the hard way! So I thought it would be fun to share a video with you because I have done a lot of research with rich men in terms of what they like, what they don’t like, what turns them, what doesn’t.I’ve always been interested in picking the man’s brain for some reason so when I used to be single and I used to date a lot of wealthy men, I used to always kind of investigate a little bit. Kind of see what they like and so on.Now when I’m in a relationship, I still do! It’s just one of my pastime hobbies – I just love picking the brain of men! And especially rich men, they kind of fascinate me somehow.Because I know that rich men are a little bit different from what I call”The average Joe’s”. So I want to know everything about rich men and after many, many years of experience, I feel like I’ve gathered a good amount of data to be able to share this kind of research with you.So that’s basically what this video is all about! I’m here to give you a few pointers. Maybe you do them, maybe you don’t! But there’s nothing personal against you, so before you get warm in your fingers and start typing away some hate to me – just understand that it comes from a good place from my heart. I am here to empower women. I want to help women to become the best versions of themselves. Transform their lives and enter high society. But one more disclaimer! Because there is one thing you have to be aware of. I just speak about the general group of rich men. I am generalizing rich men because, in the category of rich men, you have a lot of subcategories of different types of rich men. So basically that means that all of the points that I will mention to you: there are actually rich men who are totally into that! Weirdly enough! So you will have rich men who maybe like some of these points that I mentioned.

But you know that’s just the way it is. People are different. But I’m just giving you the bigger picture here, the overall generalized version. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet – welcome! If you enjoy the finer things in life, you will definitely enjoy this channel!Make sure you hit that notification bell because you will get a notification every time I upload a video. That happens once or twice or a few times per week, so don’t miss that! Anyway, let’s go straight into the first topic! Number one: Nail polish! Girls, I have spoken to affluent men and you know what they say?They really don’t like it when women do not wear anything on their nails, even if their nails are like manicured. They want you to have some form of nail polish even if it’s some pink or beige or anything. As long as there is some nail polish! I kind of understand though. I don’t know about you girls, but me personally I can not wear my nails, like my fingers naked. I cannot wear them “au naturel”.I don’t know… I don’t like it. I feel naked!It’s like something big is missing. I don’t feel like I’m ready. Do you know what I mean?So I do get that. Of course, you have some guys that are into girls who don’t have any nail polish. But really a majority of rich men they really value well-manicured nails, beautiful nails, colored nails.Regardless of color, but as long as there is something there! And trust me, they look at your nails. Do you think they don’t? But they do! So number two: Women who are constantly on their phones. Now, this might not be something that just concerns a rich man. But I’ve spoken to so many rich men who bring this up as a reoccurring annoyance in them. Maybe because rich men have some form of bigger ego, that they want to always be the center of attention. I don’t know! But I know that this bothers them. When the woman is all the time on WhatsApp or Instagram, taking selfies, taking pictures of stuff. Not giving him the attention. And the thing is, when we are with rich men, we do have to strike this good balance. We kind of have to find the right balance where we strike their ego, yet are our mysterious kind of laid-back self. Because we don’t want to be too eager of course! But you still have to give rich men some attention and being on your phone all the time is first of all rude! Girls, that is like against all form of etiquette! So if you want to be a lady, you don’t stay on your phone! You put that away, put it on silent, whatever! Number three: Wear too much makeup. Now some makeup-loving women will probably be a bit annoyed because they think that I basically talk down on makeup. That is not true! I am NOT saying that you should wear your face naked, no makeup, all-natural. Not at all! Of course, you should wear makeup. But just don’t wear too much! WhenI’ve spoken to men and especially after I’ve created my online training program for women. And I asked the men: What advice would you give women what bothers you? And they always say: Why do women have to wear so much makeup?I mean you kind of have to understand that of course. If you are really turning yourself into somebody that you really don’t look like and you have like really thick layers of makeup done when you are walking in daylight and people can see.That just doesn’t look very elegant. It just looks so obvious. I always say: definitely, wear makeup, experiment, have fun with it!Just make sure it just doesn’t look too much. It’s really just that simple. Have fun just make it tasteful.Classy women are all about keeping things tasteful and never too much.Nobody wants too much of the good thing right? Number four: So I actually spoke about this with some of my rich male friends. Who have shared with my horror stories of when they have met girls. Let’s say from like tinder or dating apps, and you don’t know who you’re expecting. But actually, sometimes rich men have told me that even if they met some women in a restaurant or a bar.They’ve exchanged numbers and when they’ve met up like on a proper first date. In a very nice high-end place, like a beautiful restaurant: The woman walks in, dressed like superslutty . Listen, I am all about female empowerment.I don’t wanna bash another woman, look down on women, etc. This is not the purpose here! But it’s something about: Like dress appropriate to where you’re going! There is usually a dress code where you’re going if you’re going for like a first date or you’re going on on a dinner to a fancy restaurant. You don’t come in wearing like a clubbing outfit with miniskirts and short skirts and your breasts all out. It’s not classy, it’s really not elegant. And the thing is men, they do feel bothered by it. Because the woman in the man’s eye (not in reality) is seen in his eye as an extension of himself. You are a representation of him. And wealthy people are very much concerned about their image and how they are perceived. Especially if they have high power or high status! They are well known in society, they cannot be seen with girls who have skirts that barely cover their behind.Think about that. Dress more conservative. The dress is a bit more elegant.It’s just going to help you secure the big fish, the big whales out there. They are very cautious about what you wear.Of course, there are guys who love slutty clothes on women. But those guys are usually a minority. And oftentimes the guys they usually love these outfits more for their own pleasure. In the bedroom, it is fine, at home or as long as you are not in public, that can be fine. You can have some fun with that. But come on girls, not in public! Number five: How you talk and make sure you don swear, have foul language, talk like a truck driver. Having this aggressive tone in your voice. Basically having a masculine speech in you. Having foul language. Like swearing a lot is very masculine, that is not feminine. The same thing is having an aggressive direct tone.That is also very, how can I say, very masculine. And men, especially rich men.They tend not to like that so much. Because rich men tend to value a lot of feminine women. They find that extremely sexy and attractive.They want to be the person who is masculine. Because they have the money, they have the power. So they usually love to connect with that energy, while the woman is are more feminine. Now, of course, are exceptions to this rule. Again I’m just talking about the general rich men. If you are somebody who likes to use the word “fuck”. If you’re somebody that you know you are being overly aggressive or you like to swear because maybe you think that you are being funny. Or being cool. Don’t do that!You’re not really winning there. Reduce that a little.I personally used to swear a lot at the beginning of my twenties.I don’t even know why I did it. I think it was like a way of rebelling.You know I had just kind of left home, and I wanted to be cool, and I thought I was funny. But actually, I was just shooting myself in the foot. I was talking like a truck driver!I remember once this guy told me. This was the guy I was seeing back then. He’s like, “Why do you speak like that?” I’m like “What do you mean?” He’s like “But you look so innocent, so sweet and humble and a lovely girl. And then when you start talking you swear every two seconds!”He’s like “Why are you doing that? You’re killing yourself!” He’s like “It’s not attractive, don’t do it!” And I just felt so ashamed of myself.That really brought me down to earth, I had a big reality check. I’m like alright, I really have to pay attention to how I behave. Just because you think you’re funny, it doesn’t mean that everyone thinks that’s you’re funny or attractive or sexy or feminine. So worth thinking about it! Now we have arrived at number six: All right! So number six is basically: you girls know that I’m all about having financial assistance from men. Receiving financial support, receiving materialistic gifts. I think it’s very masculine when a man provides and the woman receives. And especially when a woman gives back to the man with her nurturing female energy. It’s a mutual exchange. This is what our life and world are built upon. Anyway, unfortunately, rich men have become so spoiled in our society today. That first of all, they’re not as generous as they used to be in the past. Which is not good for us women. Which is actually why I want to raise my hashtag traditional feminism. But the thing is, they have become so spoiled. That they become super annoyed when you start demanding too early on in the relationship. Or in the dating, when you want to maybe have financial help or when you want to have him buy something for you. Now, this is a very tricky part and I will definitely talk about that more in future videos.But just to quickly tap upon this. My number one rule is like never ask anything directly to a man of what you want. When it comes to finances or when it comes to gifts or anything materialistic. Always that drop hints of maybe something that you need help with or things that you would like to have one day, but maybe you can’t afford it. I don’t know, whatever is your “Cry me a river story “When you do that, that is more of an efficient way of making them think that they are actually the ones who thought about it. But in reality, you were planting these seeds all the time in their heads. Men get turned off when they have a woman very early on demanding like: “I want this, buy me that, give me this, I want this, open your wallet, go to the ATM”Now I’m laughing because I think that men should just like a man up a bit! And understand that they are the providers, regardless of how long we’re dating each other. They are the ones who are providing a full stop. But anyway while we’re dealing with these spoiled brats, and while we’re dealing with modern society, well we just have to be clever about it we just have to kind of adapt a little bit to it. And that is not bringing up these things too early. So that is my advice to you ladies, and I hope you enjoyed all the six-pointers that I wanted to share with you today. I will be doing more videos like this in the future. , then feel free to give me a little like so that I know that it was appreciated. And if you want to learn more about the do’s and don’ts for women, I do have an online training program as a link is in the description box. , Always stay on top of your game – because that is my number one motto in the high society!

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