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Make More Money Working Less

Is it possible to make more money while doing less work that’s the big question that I tackled on the podcast this week with Ryan BowlesRyan is a designer and entrepreneur that works with creatives and freelancers to help them grow their businesses that’s the big question that every freelancer should be asking themselves how can I make more money?While simultaneously doing less work. It’s easier said than done in practice can be a little bit tricky things can go wrong mistakes will be made but that’s just part of being a freelancer and following an untraditional path, of course, you’re gonna make lots of screw-ups along the way when I was talking with Ryan this week he talked about his lightbulb moment the moment when things kind of clicked and he’s like oh shitLike this is no. This is what I should be focusing on right now, but again I was challenged by my mentor, and it’s not an uncommon thing to be challenged by that what would happen if you doubled your rates great challenge to throw at someone?What would you what would happen and I sat back and I was like I had to think I’m not the smartest tool in the shed when it comes to I might double my rate turn 10 clientsLet’s see if I double my rates to $200 hmmm might only get half the clients like not everyone might take me up on that offer, but I still be earning the same amount but working half the time, and I was like cling, like cha-ching in a lightbulb moment. I was like I’m gonna try that when I first started out as a freelance filmmaker I was doing a lot of $100 $200 projects very low-budget stuff I was happy to get the work and every once in awhile I would get these thousand dollar projects which were really exciting but they also meant I had to do a whole lot of work and then there was a moment that I shared with Ryan on the podcast when I got my first thousand dollar project. It was a huge moment for me that was my first ten thousand dollar project, so I was like I’m gonna stick at it honestly when I got that project. I was like this is I don’t ever have to work again. I was like this is itI’m good for the year good. It made me realize. What was possible. Yeah, you have to go through that learning as well yeah, cuz before do you die before I was like I think was $1,500 was my biggest project show and it was for so much more work. Yeah, and then I was like you know I had learned through somebody at the company that I knew he was like hey other people are pitching and they’rePitching at and then I was like really are you serious I gotta stop right there like for everyone gonna be listening to this right now like that is like a groundbreaking like when that happens in your careerThat’s groundbreaking like and you need to be challenged by someone outside because you don’t know what’s possible are we get stuck as creative like in this like just this track that right there reckon that’ll change who I play someone listening to this podcast is watching on YouTube. We’re over there yeah, that’s gonna be groundbreaking for them like what you charge $1500. I’ve been charging $50. Yeah like that’s all it takes as I said, it’s it’s pretty simple in theory just charge more moneyBut when you actually start to put it into practice it can be a little bit scary it can be a little bit tricky especially when you’re not busy, so I don’t I wouldn’t suggest doing this if you’re not getting a lot of work in if you’re stressed about paying the bills because I’ve been there before and I know that at that moment all you need to do is get that $200 400 dollar project when you start to get a little bit busy when you start to build up that client work if you can fill out your scheduling these $400 projects. That’s when you can start to push it up a little bit and I think the moment happens when you get a project that comes to you that you’re not that excited about thinking you’re like yeahDoesn’t light my fire doesn’t really inspire me that muchThat’s a moment when you sayScrew it. I’m gonna double my rate. I would normally do this video for $400, but I’m gonna do it for 800 now recently had somebody ask a question on Instagram. He saidI’m doing 400 other projects right now. I don’t even know what a $4,000 project would look like and my response to him looked the same it’s the same exact video and that’s it’s the that’s the craziest part about this whole thing is that you’re not giving them anything different’s that you are pushing yourself further in your business you are now becoming so busy and people are seeking your work and your wisdom that you’re able to charge more money and for me as long as I can deliver to the client as long as the clients happy with what I’m providing them as long as they’ve thrilled and enjoy the experience of working with me then I can charge whatever. I want it that there’s it. You know don’t worry about industry standards it’s what the other guy is charging down the street if you are delivering a premium product a product that customers and clients are happy with you can charge, whatever they are willing to pay I would caveat that again by saying make sure you deliver because I think that ethical is and and and having an ethically run business and having one where you’re not scamming people is very important but that said you can charge as much as the client is happy to pay my challenge for you this week and in the coming weeks maybe in the coming months the next time that you get a project that you aren’t just thrilled and excited to work on the one we were like at do. I really want to take this instead of taking it for your usual rate or turning the project down double triple quadruple your rate do something crazy do something where you’re likeThere’s no way that. They’re gonna accept this bid or this project and see what happens because those are the moments as a freelancer that you’re gonna really push yourself further than you’re gonna prove to yourself. What is actually possible thanks for watching if you want to check out the full episode we’ve got a lot more tips and advice for freelancers watch the full episode go to Machiavelli comm slash0:53 there’s a link in the description if you want to find out more about this podcast and the other guests that we’ve had on the show to ground-up show comSee you next time

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