Your Subconscious Brain Can Change Your Life (Amazing Motivational Speech)

we currently see the world as a physical-mechanical machine everything is chemistry and atoms and stuff like that and it turns out the new understanding really which is quantum physics says the focus shouldn’t be on the material things the focus is on the invisible energy things which include thought and belief because it turns out it’s the invisible energy that controls the physical world and this is what quantum physics talk about they talk about what they call the field and I said what’s the field well they stay invisible and moving
energy that influences a physical world I go well that definition is the same definition for spirit invisible moving forces and influence the physical world so its interesting that today’s modern science is reconnecting us with the ancient history of spirituality which really says that we are energy beings inhabiting a physical body well if we understand that we start honoring the energy part the invisible stuff that we’ve let go out of the equation because we look at is give me the physical material give me money cash give me things and it turns out that it’s the energy is more powerful the invisible stuff is more powerful than the physical stuff so turning our beliefs
around andrecognizing our thoughts our powerfulelements then all of a sudden says let’sstart exercising our thoughts ratherthan exercising our wallet let’s say incontrolling the world and this gives anopportunity for all of us every one ofus because we all have thoughts and weall have this energy and it’s sensethoughts create the science and thisthis is quantum physics they talk aboutthat it’s consciousness that creates theworld and so we all have to startrecognizing we all are conscious and allcollectively our consciousness canchange the world so when you have a lotof people out there they’re saying oh mygod the world is out of control I sayyeah but all you need is a lot of peoplewho know that to say let’s let’sconsciously create a different world andthen we’re not held a victim of theworld that we’re in because we canmanifest the world that we want andthat’s why I get so excited by all thethe viewers out there because eachviewer out there represents anotherconsciousness that with all the otherconsciousness can change the world andthis is what the evolution is all aboutwhat we’re facing is an evolution not aphysical evolutionit’s how we relate to each other withour consciousness so we’re all comingtogether in one giant consciousnesscalled humanity and this is theevolution we’re facing you wereexplaining in your lecture yesterdaythat year we were going from a churchbase very much model to then oh nowscience is giving us the truth we never150 years so we left the church basedmodel of a spiritual world entered intothe science based model of a physicalworld we played both of those worlds nowand what’s the evolution that evolutionsays both of those worlds collectivelymake the world so it’s not justspiritual it’s not just material youhave to bring both of them together andso now that we travel through thespiritual part of the world with thechurch running in the world and then thematerial with the science running theworld we’re coming to a closure thatsays to understand the world you have toinvoke both the spirit and the matterand that’s why consciousness when I talkabout spirit is that really ourconsciousness our energy our thoughtsit’s not physical its energy and yetscience now tells us those thoughts orshaping the physical world so we canchange the world we live in by justchanging our thoughts but that meanschanging the programming that was in thesubconscious you’re saying that 95% ofthings that happen in our life arecoming from the subconscious now andthat’s just that’s the part that peoplehave to wake up to because a lot of ofpeople think of look my desire is to besuccessful have a great relationshiphave a great job I want all these thingsand now I go out in the world and it’slike I’m not getting there I’m notmaking it and it’s like and they getfrustrated and they say well it’s not mebecause my intention is to be successfuland and I’m not being successfulso it must be the world is against meand then all of a sudden I’m a victim oflike well this is not the world I wantedand it turns out no it’s not the worldyour conscious mind wanted but it’s theworld your subconscious mind has beenprogrammed to create
and the word subconscious by definition means below consciousness so you are creating without being conscious that you are creating this and and this becomes a problem because it turns out it’s not the outside world that’s keeping us from succeeding the invisible inside world that we’ve been programmed with through culture and family to have lost our power and that the biggest thing about this propagation of the belief system this is not new you know it’s very interesting up the Jesuits 500 years the Jesuits of the church they would they boast they would say give me a child until it’s 6or 7 and it will belong to the church for the rest of its life what they knew what we’re talking about in the newbiologythe first 6 years of your life programming from other people not your programming parents family community you as a child are in a hypnotic state for 6 years your brain is functioning in a hypnotic state meaning the first six years is download download download and the problem with the download is were not conscious during that part which means whatever was downloaded you didn’t filter it with your belief system you didn’t have a belief system and whatever you heard saw or experienced in the first six years is a recording just like this is a tape-recording boom down in your subconscious mind and then we find that 95% of our life is actually from the subconscious mind with only 5% from the conscious you say what’s the difference conscious mind is you your spirit through who you are your wishes your desires what you want out of life conscious mind I say well you want to besuccessful gray you want a great jobgreat that’s all conscious I say butyou’re only using that mind 5% of thetime you’re living your life 95% of thetime with the programs that you got fromother people so the truth is you areliving other people’s lives invisiblybecause it’s called subconscious meaningyou don’t see it and so when you’recreating these behaviors you hearyourself don’t even know you’re doing itand if your behaviors are not supportingyou then you sabotage yourself withouteven you knowing you’re doing it andthat’s where the victim comes in it’slike oh my god I want to be successfulI’m not the world’s against me I’m avictim it turns out no you wereprogrammed not to succeed and you’reengaging a program without you seeing itso we were sabotaging ourselves withoutourselves knowing it that’s why the newbiology I want people to wake up that’sthe wonderful thing because if thosepeople out there that have fallen inland and you know if you could go back in your mind just for you know and once you go back to that point where you fell in love I I call it the honeymoon period where you did this and I said I asked you a couple of questions I say when you were back in that love state head-over-heels in love were you healthy and it turns out almost everybody says yes I you know I’m exorbitantly healthy everything was great I said did you haveenergytremendous energy to be active day and night in this love period in the honeymoon I go yeah and then when I say how about was life there’s so much fun that you couldn’t wait for the next day to have more of this experience and answers yes because it was so great and go well think about it you created health you created energy you created world that was so beautiful for you when you were in love that you couldn’t wait for the next day to have more of thisworld and and and what it turns out iswell how did our world which could havebeen a crazy world before you met thisperson then you meet this person andthen the next thing you’re in this thisgreat honeymoon experience okay and thenyour world today is heaven on earthyesterday was hell today’s heaven onearth case you fell in love and thenwhat I want people to know is that wasnot an accident that wasn’t just a WoWwow that just happened it’s like you created the love experience and in theprocess of creating a love experienceyou created health for yourself energyand you created the world that was sobeautiful for you that it was heaven onearth and and why is this important forme to let you know and basically I said this was not an accident this was acreation and if you understood how youdid it and now we know why how ithappened and that is remembered ourconventional understanding is we run ourlives 95% of the time from oursubconscious programming when you arefalling in love you actually don’t gointo the subconscious program becauseyou’re the conscious mind is so excitedabout being hereit doesn’t leave and that’s why the problem most of the time is our mindsthinking and when the conscious Mindsthinking by definition it’s not payingattention and that’s when the subconscious programs run when you’re in love the conscious mind doesn’t want togo anywhere it wants to be right hereand and take in all that love so this isone time in your life where you have atendency to stay in the conscious mind Isaid well what happens when you stay inthe conscious mind answer was youcreated heaven because you were creatingfrom your wishes and desires but themoment life gets busy againand your conscious mind starts to travelthen you go to the default and thedefault is the subconscious program butthose programs came from your parentsyour family and community so they’re noteven your beliefs so you start livingother people’s lives so for me what doesit all mean and as you express is likewhen we’re in love we created heaven onearth what if we could learn to stay inour conscious mind which is calledBuddhist mindfulness it’s a practice itmeans then you can then have a honeymoonevery day for the rest of your life onthis planet because it was only when weget out of our conscious mind that we’vereturned back to the hell on earth againand and that’s because we were we are are the critical things like oh you’re not smart enough you’re not lovable enough you’re not you can’t do sports you’re not you don’tdeserve things these are what parents say when we put that down in our subconscious that becomes our belief system in our subconscious and since we run our lives 95% of the time from that that’s why when you check do I love myself and the answer comes out well what kind of childhood language did you hear from your parents and the issue is that’s why 80% of the people cannot test well for loving themselves because their subconscious never got the program from the parent so you’re the most wonderful loving child and you can do anything and you know we support you and everything and all that if you didn’t get that then you got criticism and if that criticism went into subconscious mind then that was recorded and you become the criticism all of us that we should test that us just do I love myself and why is this an issue if you can’t love yourself then how are you gonna find somebody to love you because the first thing your psychology would say was I can’t love myself and this person says they love me why would they love me and I can’t I don’t even love myself though they obviously are not a good judge of love because if they’re loving me and I don’t love me then we don’t agree on that and people sabotage themselves because of these subconscious beliefs so to really do fall in love the first thing is to you got to love yourself

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