Top 3 Secrets Of Investing

If you’re new to investing or even experienced, you know that things can spiral out of control fast. You’ve got to have a set of rules that you can depend on them that you can count on that’ll never lead you astray. And I’m going to tell you right now. With all of the investing that I’ve ever done, I’ve got3 core secrets. These are the 3 things that my investments have to include. And if they do, then I’m going to do my due diligence and see if want to do them. If they don’t, I’m out.So, So, So, the first secret. We’ve got to identify what the word investment means because when I say investment, apparently, the rest of the world and the financial planners, we don’t sync up. We don’t see each other eye to the eye. When we talk about the secrets to investing, rule number 1: Myinvestment has to pay me. What do I mean by that? Well, when I put my money somewhere, I expect to be paid regularly. Like monthly or quarterly.SoSoSo if I put my money out, it better what? You better come home. Now, if you take alook at what society has. It says, “Put money in the stock market.” And I’m goingto say the stock market is bad. But I call it a speculative investment. Why?Because it doesn’t pay me any. Or I could put my money in a 401k or an IRA. But ifyou’ve got those, let me ask. How much money did they pay you last month? You’renot going to find an answer. They paid you anything. That’s because they’re notdesigned to pay you. Almost everything Society has you do.Annuities… All these different options, they’re not designed to pay you and I. So, what we do is we take all of our money, we take our hard-earned savings. We giveit to someone or an organization. And what do we get a return? We get nothing.That’sThat’sThat’s called speculative investing. Instead, I want to get an ROI. And I wantto get paid. And I can get paid in several ways but I’m almost always primarily asking, “Is there a cash flow on this property that I’m going to be receiving?” Number 2. My second rule, I’m looking for what’s called an asymmetricROI. And an asymmetric investment has a very low downside and it has a very high upside. And what this does, this means that I can go on the game of real estateand I can, as a standard, get 20 or 25 percent ROI. And I’ve even done dealswhere I’ve made 500% ROI, 1,000% ROI, 5,000%ROI. I know that sounds crazy but when you’re putting very little money at risk, and you have a high upside, which is what asymmetric means. This is how yougive yourself a shot of really financially getting somewhere in life.Now, Now, Now, real estate is where I find a lot of my asymmetric investments. There areother options. Businesses certainly one of them. But real estate is… I’m a fanof it because I can do deals out there. Just in my community, I had one of my students say, “Hey, Kris. I got this deal I would make about 40 grand on it.ButButBut it’s gonna cost me 1,000 out-of-pocket. Should I do it?” And I triedto hold myself back and be as polite as I could without saying, “Rawr! Ofcourse, I want you to do the deal right now!” “Because I’ll put a grand and I get40 grand back.” Just calculate the ROI. If I sell it 5 years later and I getthat, I’m getting a 4,000% return. Over 5 years, I’m averaging800% a year. How would you like to make 800% ayear? It tastes yummy. So, I’m looking for a symmetric ROI.MyMyMy third rule and secret which is an absolute game changer is that theinvestment needs to be passive. For some reason, a lot of people that think thatgetting in the game of real estate means doing a flip or something hands-on. Theywant to drive to Home Depot. And I’m not going to say there is anything wrong with that. But that’s no longer an investment. That’s now a job. And it can be a betterpaying job. It can be a worse paying job. But either way, it’s what? It’s a job.We’reWe’reWe’re trying to leverage real estate as a vehicle to get out of the rat race. Notjust change the way that the race looks. We’re trying to leverage real estate. And I’m looking for something that for me has the least time, least effort, least risk but makes the most money. Friends, when I approach my world ofinvesting, these 3 are musts. Because if it’s not passed and guess what? I’m going to run out of the time we all got 168 hours and weeks. So that doesn’t work forme. I need the best investments, not mediocre societal investments. And then Ineed to get paid on it. Because if I am, those are freedom dollars. Whether mycash flows $100 or $500 or $1,000, it all starts adding up stacking up, meaningthat someday, I’m going to be financially free from these 3 secrets right here.ThankThankThank you so much for watching today’s video. I hope it was really useful for you. If you’ve watched it and you’re thinking to yourself, “I think I need somehands-on help. Kris, can I get some further mentoring? Where do I find asymmetric investments that are passive that can work for me?” If you click thelink in the description below, you’ve got an opportunity to jam with a member ofmy team. And they’ll take care of you. They’ll do a free consultation with you and you also have a chance, more importantly, to get my book “Unstoppable” for free. It’s all about your ultimate real estate gameplan. How you go fromnothing to millions of dollars. That’s where I came from, that’s what I’ve beenable to do and I’ve been able to duplicate it with the number of people.AtAtAt last week’s event, Sterling Holyoke showed up. He hadstarted with me 8 years ag

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