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okay let’s talk now financial independence let me first give you mydefinition of financial independencenumber one the ability to live from theincome of your personal resources thisshould be every person who lives in afree country especially a capitalisticcountry this should be everyone’s goalto someday be able to live from theincome of your personal resources nowhow many resources you need rightdepends on how you want to live but ifyou wish to live modestly it doesn’ttake all that many resources over afairly brief period of time to haveenough resources to live modestly if youwish to live more lavishly of course youneed to accumulate more resources butthat’s my view of financial independenceso that you can live from the income ofyour resourcesnow here’s what else that does now youcan choose the work you do now you canchoose to work or not work now you canwork not because you have to but becauseyou want to when we talk to kids aboutfinancial independence we say do whatyou have to as quick as you can so youcan do what you want to as long as youcan next key phrase economics is majoreverybody should major in economicsbecause it’s such a vital part of yourlife a paycheck is so vital becausefirst of all it provides for you and thefamily’s survival second it provides forthe opportunity of successsome people feel we shouldn’t spend thatmuch time talking about money but wereally should someone says well you knowmoney is the root of all evilnot true here’s what it really says thelove of money is the root of all eviland I’m sure everyone here has dispensedwith the idea of falling in love withmoneybecause that serves no purpose here’swhat’s Noble what money can do theproject’s it can support the relief fromdebt it can create building a financialwall around your family nothing can getthrough so economics is major the key ofcourse is what you do with it if youearn a lot you should give a lot keyphrase from antiquity here’s what itsays if you’ve been given much now muchis requiredif you’ve been given greatresponsibility much is required ifyou’ve been given much wealth now muchis required everyone has to solve thisabout the money to go for should you gofor the money should you go for successyou should earn as much as you possiblycan in the reasonable time devoted toeconomics job business reasonable timedevoted to economics job business futureenterprise with that enterprise and withthat job the key is to earn as much asyou possibly can as you balance yourlife with everything else not at thesacrifice of your friendships not at thesacrifice of values not at the sacrificeof integrity not at the sacrifice ofwiping out other values in your life butwithin balance of everything go as faras you can earn as much as you can shareas much as you can drop this questiondown is it possible in America tomultiply your income by 10 kids would befascinated with this question is itpossible to multiply your income by 10and the answer is of course yescould you repeat that after me yes ofcourse that helps to emphasize thisthat’s called exclamation point and kidswith wide eyes will say is that rightcan you start at the bottom and somedaymultiply your income by 10 the answer isof course of course of coursenow if you multiplied it by 10 can youthink of anybody that makes $500 an hourI’m telling you the Beverly Hillslawyers where I live make at least $500an hour now we’ve multiplied income by10 again would it be possible tomultiply your income by 10 and thenmultiplied by 10 again see that’s alittle weak I’m trying to make youbelievers to those that believe here’swhat scripture says all things arepossiblethere isn’t anything that’s impossiblethe most incredible things are possibleto believers not poppers not hopersbelievers 500 dollars an hour would itbe possible to multiply your income byten five thousand dollars an hour whatdo you suppose I get paid I’m tellingyou it’s possible to multiply yourincome by ten and then by tending thembut then I lecture with NormanSchwarzkopf the old general guess whathe gets paid for his speech sixty fivethousand dollars for one hoursixty-five thousand not five thousandright sixty-five thousand I had lunchwith colon Powell and I was on thatspeaking panel for one of those multispeaker seminars and I think he got paidlike seventy thousand dollars it’s a funlunch was somebody gets paid $75,000[Music]unbelievablenow the person that’s on up here rightlike Bill Gates in you know who knowswho else here that makes 68 milliondollars in one year we say well it’sthat legitimate to pay someone 68million in one year and the answer is ofcourse if they help the company make abillion dollars last year with thecompany pay them 68 million the answer’syes it’s chicken feedit ain’t that much keyphrase the jotdown everything is relative everythingis relative what might seem like a lotnow I’m telling you some time from nowfor you won’t seem that much you say wowI was a small thinker back then thinkingyou know four thousand a month was a lotof money eight thousand a month wasreally something I remember those dayswhen eight thousand a month wasunbelievable and then fifteen thousand amonth wow I couldn’t believe ithow about twenty thousand a monthincomprehensible and I flew on by thathow about thirty thousand a month I flewon by that unbelievable how about fiftyhow about eighty thousand a monthI remember when I went right on by itwas incrediblegetting paid by the week I remember whenit was right 20,000 a week and then30,000 a week how about $40,000 a weekhow much property will they let you ownas much as you want all you want and allyou wish here’s the country you live inall you want and all you wish that’sabout as good as we can make it nexthere’s the philosophy of the rich andthe philosophy of the poor first thephilosophy of the poor poor people nowthis is not demeaning now this is simplypeople of modest means people of modestmeans tend to spend their money andinvest what’s left if they have anythingleft over they might save it or investedthat’s the philosophy the poorphilosophy to spend your money savewhat’s left here’s the philosophy of therich to invest your money and spendwhat’s left it’s the same money it’sjust a different attitude and adifferent philosophy either spend yourmoney save what’s left or invest yourmoney spend what’s thatnow here certainly is the betterphilosophy to invest your money andspend what’s left I started out aged 25I’m working hard to make a living and Ifound out how to start working on myfortune that might not be for everyonebut you can turn part of your presentincome if you think I’ve got to stickwith a job for 30 years retire that’syour mindset and you want to do thatfine but now you must wisely use theresources from that income to make aprofit even if you let other people usethe money and pay you interest individends if at least you do thatwhether you buy and sell or not but whocouldn’t if you worked on a job for 40years why couldn’t you buy a piece ofproperty and sell it for more than youpaid for it why couldn’t you buy a homesell it for more than you paid for itwhy couldn’t you buy a piece of propertythat needs repair find somebody torepair it and sell it for more than youpaid for it why couldn’t you do thatover the next 40 years as well as workon the job and punch the clock and doyour duty and retire as a faithfulemployee why not work both on yourfortune and your living why notif the least you did was to take part ofwhat you’ve earned as a living and letsomeone else use it and pay you for theuse if you did that over 40 years youwould easily be financially independentnot from your job but from yourinvestments then if you can find otherways because it’s stimulating who was itsaid it was at Eisenhower or someonesaid find a piece of property and leaveit better than you found it justsomething Claude Olney who put togethera program called where there’s a willthere’s an a became highly successful asan infomercial he came to my seminarsyears and years ago before he put thatprogram together and he says I’ve got anidea what do you think I said it’s awinnersure enough made him Millions he mademoney on every car he bought because ofthe incredible way he took care of itand the way he made it shine and gleamso that when he got ready to sell it itwas worth more than when he bought itthat was one of his projects I’m gonnamake money on every car I buy see itjust depends on your attitude and yourphilosophy and the answer is why notamazing to different people with twodifferent attitudes one lets it all gobecause it doesn’t seem to make adifference another one says I make moneyon whatever I touch whatever I touchgets better it doesn’t get dirty it getsbetter a guy who owned a bunch ofapartments said to me most everybodyleaves the apartment that they rentworse than they found it I said you’vegot to be kidding he saidsome leave it trashedI said impossible he said no I said whata reputation what I touch turns to trashinstead of gets better amazing but whatif you had the attitude or the mindsetI’m gonna leave wherever I am I’m gonnaleave it better than I found it not justwhat it did for the world because it’s abetter place if you do that but what itdid for your psyche whatever I touchgets cleaner and it gets better and itgets painted gets restored even if Iwalk away you say well somebody else isgonna enjoy it all that’s not to keep sobe it the key is my philosophy is Ileave everything better than I found itif one of your goals is to become amillionaire as it was my goal for manyyears before I achieved it you have tolearn how to think the way a millionairethinks if you want to get the resultsespecially the financial results that amillionaire gets now the most importantattitude for financial success is calledlong-term thinking successful peoplethink a long way into the future andthey adjust their daily behaviors toassure that they achieve their long-termgoals in a longitudinal study coveringabout 50 years done at Harvarduniversities in the 50s and 60s theystudied the reasons for upwardsocio-economic mobility they werelooking for factors that would predictwhether or not an individual or familywas going to move upward and bewealthier in the future than in thepresentthey studied factors like educationintelligence being born into the rightfamily or having the right connectionsin every case they found individuals whohad been born with every blessing inlife who did poorly they also foundindividuals who had been born or come tothis country with no advantages at allwho had been extremely successful whatwas the distinguishing factorthey finally determined that there wasonly one key attitude that mattered andthey called it time perspective this bythe way was one of the greatestbreakthrough discoveries of my life andI’ve never really quite recovered fromit because it was so important timeperspective refers to the amount of timethat you take into consideration whenplanning your day-to-day activities andwhen making important decisions in yourlife people with longtime perspectiveinvariably move up economically in thecourse of their lifetimeswhen you spend weeks and months andyears developing your skills and abilityand expanding your experience in orderto be successful you have long-timeperspective the average professionalperson has a time perspective of 10 15and 20 years they’re willing to investyears at university and and master’sdegrees and Doctorate degrees and thenyears of training as accountants ordoctors or dentists in order to be ableto make a wonderful living for the restof their lives they have long-timeperspective this is a characteristic ofpeople who move up rapidlysocioeconomically and financially inlife so begin to see that everythingthat you are doing today is part of along time continuum at the end of whichyou’re going to be financiallyindependent or financially unfortunatepeople with short time perspective thinkonly about fun and pleasure in the shortterm they have what economists call theinability to delay gratification theyhave an irresistible tendency to spendevery single penny they earn andeverything that they can borrow thinkingthat the money will always be there andthat life will last forever when youdevelop long time perspective youdevelop the discipline to delaygratification in the short term and tosave your money rather than spending itthe combination of long time perspectiveand delayed gratification put you underthe high road to financial independencenow here are two things you can do todevelop the attitudes of financiallysuccessful people first think long termabout your financial life decide exactlyhow much you want to be worth in fiveyears 10 years and 20 years from todaywrite it downmake a plan take action on your planevery single day and the second thingthat you can do to assure your successin the long term is to develop theability to delay gratificationinstead of buying something on impulseput off buying decisions for a day aweek or even a month decide in advanceto think it over before you buy anythingthis can change the way you spend moneyalmost immediatelyyour ability to think long term aboutyour life and to set 10 and 20 yeargoals for yourself and then come back tothe present and make sure thateverything you do today is consistentwith where you want to be in the futureis the hallmark of people who becomemillionaires in the course of theirworking lifetimesyou

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