How To Become Rich With No Money

So you want to become rich without any money? haha! you can totally do that! It’s awesome. I know because I did. Kris Krohn here with limitless TV and we’re going to be talking about different ways of creating wealth. I’ll even give you one of my favorite proven systems of exactly how I did it.So if you got no money and you want to become wealthy, if you want to become rich there are two different ways. Two different approaches you can do. You can either use a proven method or you can be the creator of a method. And I want you to understand the risk between both of these concepts.If you leverage a proven method, this is what I did and I’ll share with you what I did.Or the difference of actually creating something novel-like, like think of the guy that started Facebook right? I mean he created this really amazing idea now he’s a multi-billionaire. By far, the safest way to become wealthy is already leverage proven paths. That may not be your path. You may be, you may feel called the pioneer something different in something new.For me, my whole story in life began on my journey to creating wealth leveraging proven existing systems. And this is coming from a place where Iwas $8,700 in debt. I didn’t, wasn’t making enough money at my job toactually cover and pay all of my bills. The thing that made the difference wasgetting a mentor based on a proven path. There were three men that I worked withall of which had made over ten million dollars and these individuals all madetheir money through real estate investing. This is something anyone cando. The first fourteen months of being mentored I didn’t buy a property and I wasn’t making any money but I was following their system in their path of developing credit putting a little money in savings, penny-pinching.It ultimately put me in a position to buy my first house. In my first house when people came over the for the for the housewarming party, what they didn’t realize was this wasn’t going to be my house very long. I was renting out the basement it was covering my whole mortgage and I bought the house with $40,000 of equity. So the house was an investment and that house bought a second house and the equity in those homes bought my third house and with no money, other than 14 months of saving five thousand dollars, thirty five-hundred which I used to buy this house, same strategies existing in our world today. Those homes became 50 homes, became a hundred homes, became hundreds of homes, and I built all of that without any money out of my pocket but I did it through working with mentors that knew a proven system and a proven path. And in this next video segment, I want to really share with youexactly how I did that because if you want to create wealth for nothing, you’regoing to need to take the right advice, stick to the plan, and execute it likeI’m about to show you.I’m going to show you exactly how I became wealthy with nomoney and I’m going to show you exactly how I did it and the advice that I tookfrom my mentor and what it started with is, number one, is you need to have amentor. Okay? This is someone that knows your situation, has been where you want to be and is going to be able to give you the right kind of advice. The nextthing that you’re going to need is you’re going to need a system. I’m goingto show you the system right now. And then, between these two things, the lastthing that I’m going to encourage you to need is a team. And team essentiallymeans that you don’t have to wear all the hats of all the successfuloperations of putting this in place. You just need to tap into other people’sbrilliant abilities because anything that you don’t currently know how to doyou don’t have to learn it you just have to have that person on your team. Here’swhat I did. The advice that I have received from my mentor that showed me the system that helped me put the team together was, number one, is I needed to develop my credit so that I could buy a house.For some of you that might mean credit repair. For me, I was young and didn’thave credit so I needed to establish credit. I was told to have three lines ofcredit. I only had one. So I got two more credit cards and I was responsible for using them. How do you do that if you got bad credit?hire a credit repair company to fix that. Learn how to get good credit for thesystem to work. And then the second one was you have to have enough money for asmall down payment. Which for me was $5000?And then the last thing that Ineeded to do for the system was I needed to stay in the same line of work for twoyears. So for example, I couldn’t be a seamstress or for a year and then like become a guinea pig trainer for a year because those are two very different lines of work. We’re jobs um, so, these are the three thingsthat I needed to have and then this is what happened. 14 months later, Ipossessed these things. 14 months later, I had developed my credit. 14 months later, I had saved my 5 grand and 14 months later I had completed my two-year work history. I was thinking about changing jobs. I didn’t. Do you know why? cause I wasfollowing the advice of my mentor who walked me into the system. What I did isit allowed me to buy a house and I bought not just any ordinary house, Ibought a house with $40,000. A pirate booty in it, right? I’m talking aboutequity. House was worth 150,000. I bought it for 110,000 so my net worth went up to $40,000 which by the way was more than double what I made in a year. So I’m talking about Kris Krohn starting poorly. Right? and then this house had abasement apartment and the basement apartment covered my mortgage. So thatwas kind of cool because I got to live for free. Which meant that I eliminated my biggest expense at that time in my life. The reason why this system wasimportant was because twelve months later I was able to get a home equityline of credit. I got other videos on the channel here where you can research whatthat is. And I was able to access this money and I used it to do what?I use it to buy a second home. Now I still lived in this home but I bought this housewith well over fifty thousand dollars a pirate booty, is exciting. And then theother thing is I rented out this house and it had a $500 a month cash flow.So, collectively between my two homes, my net worth was around $100,000 and I was living for free and getting paid 500 a month. Then guess what I did?Oh, you’re so smart. I did it again. I then, this was my P for a primary residence, this was I for investment. The third house I did was that I moved into a newprimary residence. This one became a rentaland I rented it out and made$500a month cash flow. So guess what? I’m making over a thousand dollars a month.I bought this house with, you guessed it$50,000 of equity love that pirate booty and it also had a basement apartment that paid for my mortgage.Living for free, the net worth of a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, making five hundred dollars a month here, five hundred dollars a month here. So are you startingto see how the system worked? the equity in this house then got used to the purchase fourth house which was an investment property that had a cash flow.And then Ijust started doing that system over and over again. Now by the time I have fourhomes I went into Phase two of the system. And Phase two of the system wasnow starting to approach people with money and saying, look at my track recordon my portfolio. Look at my pirate booty, look at my cash flow, would you like someof that booty? and would you like some of that cash flow? I can find the deals. I’vegot a system in the team to make this work I need your money.And you know what?everyone I approached that saw my return said what? I’ll partner with this kid. Andfrom that point on I started buying homes left and right without money orcredit. Right now, I’m selling off one to two homes a month. I’m making tens ofthousands of dollars every month on homes I bought years ago using someoneelse’s money, reinvesting, and buy more homes. So this is a fantastic system this is exactly how I did it. And again if you want to be wealthy with nomoney and do that, you can either go start a Facebook and go down and pioneerpath something that’s never been done beforeor you can leverage proven systems.Click the link below this video by the waybecause we’re going to introduce you to my team in my system and all you goingto do is plug in and we’ll start you off on this path and we’ll get you going.So if you want to build wealth without money, you’re going to need some help andI’ve created a lot of videos. Some of them are on skill sets of making money, and some of them are on the mindset of the millionaire. Both of them are going to be important so I want you to hit that subscribe. Yep! take your mouse.Drag it across the screen. 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